14 October, 2009

10 Prints For Sale......

I had a select number of prints made of A Tiger At The Crossing Of A Stream. The prints are done on 90lb. cold press watercolor paper 11''x14'' archival quality soy based ink.
There will only be 10 sold and distributed, mainly because I wanted the numbered prints to be special.
The prints are $30.00 each which includes the cost of shipping, and I'll pretty much ship them to anywhere. below there is a paypal option as to how and where you can purchase and all that, order today while supplies last! (haha)  Thanks!   -dustin.

10 October, 2009

21 August, 2009

Midwest guest spots ....

While at Ink Assassins I did what i considered to be my first official girl head tattoo. It was kinda nerve wrecking but in the end i was pretty satisfied with the how it came out. And at Depot Town I did a "get what you get" tattoo of a skull I redrew and tattooed right next to a Derrick Snodgrass panda bear which was very exciting to say the least.

Midwest guest spots

Earlier this month i went on my first trip to Erie, Pennsylvania to tattoo at Ink Assassins for a few days as a guest artist. Following that i later went to Ypsilanti, Michigan to tattoo and touch base with old friends at Depot Town Tattoo. The entire trip lasted about nine days from the 10th through the 19th of August. Needless to say it was allot of fun.. 

29 July, 2009

Tiger Spider!

I did a tiger-spider hybrid on my friend David. It took two sittings and i think its rad, thanks D.

The Dragon from Italy

This particular dragon was done on a buddy of mine named Ben. Who requested that the dragon carry certain attributes that allude to facts of his heritage. Ben wanted to display his own Italian lineage along with his affinity for Japanese culture, and what better way he thought than to do it with a dragon armband! I based the drawing mostly off of some old Ed Hardy references, took the colors of the Italian flag as suggested by Ben and went to town.

Red Dragon head tattoo

This tattoo was done on our shop manager, Kenny here at Persistence Tattoo. I dont really remember how long it took but i wanna say about 4 to 5 hours. In fact it was my first serious head tattoo and my 3rd serious dragon tattoo, to say the least it was quite the experience, and i gained alot of ground on both subjects and I want to thank Ken for being such a good sport about the whole thing. Next will be doing a snake along the opposing side of his head, which I can only hope will be only more of a rewarding challenge! Stay tuned!

11 May, 2009

scummy rat

This is on my friend Paolo, and regardless of his choice in tattoo designs hes actually a really nice guy. One Day i decided to draw the nastiest rat i could fathom and this was what i came up with, then one day after what could of been months of pondering on this idea Paolo decided it was time for him to get it done on his thigh. This was a very fun tattoo to do and thanks to the wearer it healed up great.

Amanda's gold fish

Amanda's gold fish all healed up!

07 May, 2009

gold fish tattoo

this was a great tattoo i did on a very cool girl named Amanda, it was a lot of fun and it actually healed up really nice. I'll post another photo of this (healed) soon!

27 March, 2009

Cat Paintings

the tiger crossing the stream. started out as a sketch I had lying around that was intended to be for a client but I liked the image so much that I decided to paint it, both of these pieces were done with watercolor and liquid acrylic. These are some of my favorite pieces done to date, they were a lot of fun and I ended up learning quite a bit.

early 2009