19 March, 2010

joy division meet stanley kurbrick space odyssey


just when you think two of your favorite things cant get any better!

Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel

recently ive been looking at some of the works from famed German biologist and artist, Ernst Haeckel.

Phaeodaria, top, is probably one of my favorite works.

14 March, 2010

the war within our hearts

Fridays opening went off with out a hitch, attendance as well as spirits were high, I will post pictures as soon as i can. Thanks to everyone that come out to celebrate the arts, please call if you'd like to make an appointment for  tour of the works. The show will run to April 2nd

01 March, 2010

horiyoshi iii hawk

Heres a Horiyoshi III piece I did on my friend Nate. Being that I am a big fan of the great master's work this was a humbling and very enjoyable piece to do. Keep an eye out for this arm later it may be a sleeve next time you see it!

death vans

I did a pair of vans for my friend Cory, as a gift to his little brother. These were the first pair I've ever done  and it turned out being a great experience, lots of fun, and it got me outside of what i normally do. Hope you enjoy.