13 October, 2013

Hannya Mask

Fun project. Ink on paper about 11''x17''*
All paintings are for sell, no prints.
Email DustinNowlin@gmail.com for info

Snake in the Eagle's shadow

I originally made this piece as a warm-up of my skills on paper. It's about 11''x14'' and was a lot of fun.

Recent tattoos

So lately some of you may have noticed I haven't been posting as much as usual. Mainly its been due to the fact that I've busy learning new tricks and beginning new projects. Too early to say now but keep on the look out for new announcements and works in the not so distant future!
 Aside from that the slow down in blog productivity has also been owed to my terrible luck with photographing new tattoos this past month. 
 So I decided to split the difference on this one, with bad photo of a fresh tattoo and a good photo of a healed one...