14 November, 2011

Double Feature Galley Soft Opening!

 Last weekend my friend Rachel Hunt along with her cohorts Jared Frankel, Mike Marine, and Mickey Munroe opened Double Feature Gallery. The newest edition to The Gordon Arts District on Cleveland's west side. 
I really liked these ones by Andy Hunt!

Tom waits inspired?

The night was alive with jubilant energy and the location is simply amazing, next door to the historical Capitol Theatre. Making the area a great place to see premiere works of art!  

02 November, 2011

Isaiah Icon

Recently completed a three-quarter sleeve of The Holy Prophet Isaiah. This piece was exceptionally interesting and enjoyable, as I had the opportunity to blend a variety of styles I utilize throughout my work. Icons, byzantine, wood block, and more were referenced while constructing the design for this tattoo. A big thanks goes out to its wearer Jeremy, for being such an awesome sport for getting this!