31 July, 2011

Santa Sangre!

Santa Sangre and Alejandro Jodorowsky remain an inspiration to me to this day.

28 July, 2011

...A Look Back, At The War.

The War Within Our Hearts 2010 72''x48''- oil on wood.

The title piece of last years solo effort in March 2010, presented at The Doubting Thomas Gallery in Cleveland, OH. The war refers to the conflict between logic and desire, inside the mind of a person. Based off of the early religious works of Christian Ethiopian followers. The war is in a sense profiteered by the jealous king in order to fill the needs of his desire, his greed, while not being able to gaze at the actual horror its caused. Each solider not only represents a motivation but also a choice made within each combatant. logic is represented by the cube in direct opposition of the heart, or desire. In the middle lies the Alchemical symbol for gold, which in this case not only represents the element but to some degree the internal virtue of prosperity and enlightenment..As the war rages on the infinite force of god is watching....

26 July, 2011

New Tattoos And A Visit With Bill Hughes @ 252 Tattoo Clv.

Miranda's Blue Jay, I completed, all healed up
Detail shot

Also got to hangout with my old friend Bill Hughes at 252.

After examining the shop and various curiosities over the weekend, I then turned to myself. And  because of the looming OVI case I'm faced with, naturally I started with the cold and dark beer I drink during these hot summer days.

Such an honor and a pleasure to look down at this. Chris O'Donnell sleeve circa 2010


19 July, 2011

How I spent my weekend.

.Tsukioka Yoshitoshi inspired Hannya Mask.

I reproduced a Yoshitoshi Hannya mask design on my pal Anthony. *Note: the nearly vintage Frank William girl-head to Hannya juxtaposition.  

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

09 July, 2011

Support Real Tattooing!

Personally I think all "tattoo tv" should go, but now "The Learning Channel" has finally crossed the line with its latest program, "Tattoo School" join the fight and support real tattooing, do your research on what real tattooing is all about, and boycott TLC and their mockery of an honest industry. 

Follow the link below to sign an online petition to put an end to Tattoo School!

04 July, 2011

02 July, 2011

The Fiery Ascension Of the Prophet Elijah (Decoded)

Below is image of a painting I created known as "The Fiery Ascension of the Prophet Elijah" modeled after the Christian Orthodox glass paintings of the Circle of Savu Moga (Romania) during the late 19th century.  The Prophet Elijah, is one of the most revered patron saints of work amongst Orthodox Romanians.
He is believed to protect crops from conflagration, drought and general catastrophe. The Prophet is mostly depicted during his Fiery Ascension, indicating his mastery and domination of fire. Elijah rides a regal chariot of fire,  lead by powerful horses of fire. Below is my recreation of the prophet, in process. Here, I wanted to make general depiction of the event as a template, made out of piety and devotion for the basis of later disturbing or rearranging that very harmony and beauty of the piece.          

Below is the re-imagining, or deconstruction of the Prophet Elijah. Here, new and personal ideals are introduced to the visual narrative. Adding too, or in many ways changing the narrative completely. Elijah is taken in as myself, and depicted holding a fiery sword of ignorance, powered by logic. Jesus is replaced by animal, the sky is littered with eyes, the fiery horses not only pursue the heavens but also the philosophers stone. Above, the eye of god still looms with respect to universal consciousness. Above the all seeing eye, the major arcana number 7 appears, indicating the spiritual guidance and presence of The Chariot card. On the ground, what would be Elijah's pupil Elisha is now a veiled figure implicating the absence or denial of a pupil, or in some respects symbolizing that the pupil is in fact also the teacher. That although the heavens or Elijah's path to enlightenment, may have separated the two in one form, they are also brought closer together by this in realizing their commonality in the universe.       

"The Fiery Ascension.." - Gabaret Salgian

 Early Christian painting of the Virgin Mother and child. Most likely influenced by even earlier works by Ethiopian artists, who traded their goods among neighboring communities and settlements. Goods like the one below. 

Madonna wood icon, made in Ethiopia, the oldest continuous christian state, tracing its history back as far as 4th century A.D.