28 July, 2011

...A Look Back, At The War.

The War Within Our Hearts 2010 72''x48''- oil on wood.

The title piece of last years solo effort in March 2010, presented at The Doubting Thomas Gallery in Cleveland, OH. The war refers to the conflict between logic and desire, inside the mind of a person. Based off of the early religious works of Christian Ethiopian followers. The war is in a sense profiteered by the jealous king in order to fill the needs of his desire, his greed, while not being able to gaze at the actual horror its caused. Each solider not only represents a motivation but also a choice made within each combatant. logic is represented by the cube in direct opposition of the heart, or desire. In the middle lies the Alchemical symbol for gold, which in this case not only represents the element but to some degree the internal virtue of prosperity and enlightenment..As the war rages on the infinite force of god is watching....

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