31 March, 2011


Philly, last weekend...
always the first matter of business...
right across from the cafe lived this majestic creature.
so, Philadelphia is the birthplace of Cream cheese, Fresh Prince, and David Lynch to name a few. But today it is also home to some of the most abundant and diverse street art in the U.S.
great guys.
The Hustler. This guy talked a mean game, and he knocked down a few balls and he also thought I worked for some magazine because I was shooting photos.
ouch. ouch. nice shirt tho. and in the end, determination prevailed.

New tattoos!

Something old...(circa.2010)
Something New.. And a simple preview, of a Roy Lichtenstein inspired leg sleeve
More work on this has been done earlier today, special thanks to Tommi for being so down in getting this done. Enjoyable.

20 March, 2011

Banksy v. Warhol

eh, I wanted to wait until this was all healed up but, I couldn't bare not sharing this, it was a lot of fun and on a pretty cool lady as well and there was also this too.... http://www.warholvsbanksy.com/

Mad Men

Last Saturday, we started some principle shooting for a film, filmmaker and instructor Robert Banks is doing in conjunction with the Cleveland Housing Project. I was granted the opporutunity of getting a raw look inside Robert's personal studio.
not sure what this thing does , but I love it!
The genius, at work.

Blacked Out In A White Out

Last week the family and I embarked on a little road trip to Columbus to see David's partnered exhibition with his friend and soon to be graduating classmate of OSU, Shannon Wilson

A lot of old books.
no sure I remember who did this one but they rule!

Liz was not thrilled about this one. :)

Something about this one here.

This had a lot promise in the beginning...
and here's some random street art Liz and I came across while walking around..

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