31 January, 2010

tree frog for april

I got asked to do an African Tree Frog by my friend April, who works near the shop, I see her nearly everyday and she had been wanting this particular tattoo from me, her first tattoo.  In the beginning I tried to stress the fact that I may not be the best for the job, but she insisted so I, always eager to please, told her would try my best to give her what she wanted, a few hours later this is what we came up with.

30 January, 2010

kiyo dragon


Here are a few photos of a dragon ive been working one for the past few months by request of one of our patrons, Mitch here at the shop. It probably has about eh, 14 hours? in it, i cant quite remember, but alot of the credit for its layout goes to the wearer. Overall its been a fun and very challenging experience, i can truly say that I have taken away a great amount of knowledge from doing this project, and there is still yet more to come. Also a big thanks goes out to Al Garcia for his help in making this photo possible.

20 January, 2010


its a new year and i plan to keep flexible and do as much as i can to expand my vocabulary. I did a pair of swallows, about a week ago on a young lady, and i must say its always an enjoyable experience when you get to tattoo how you want and the person its going on is receptive to and taking the entire experience well, this is another reason why i love tattooing, the ability to make someone happy by simply doing your job.