09 May, 2013

Fudo Sword

The final page of my set of hand-crafted Year Of The Dragon Flash. Dragon flash designed and painted over the latter months of The Year Of The Dragon 2012. 
Better late than never I suppose, full set availble for purchase soon! 
For pre-order or inquires please e-mail DustinNowlin@gmail.com    

Road Work

Chrysanthemum I made at The Baltimore Tattoo Convention last April.

 Dragon design I got to tattoo from my own flash set! Done last weekend at The Roc City Tattoo Expo in Rochester, NY

Mandala, also tattooed at The Roc City Tattoo Expo last weekend May 3rd-5th.

Special Thanks to everyone who got tattooed by me, bought prints or just stopped by to say hello at both of these awesome conventions! Hope to see you all again next year!

Native American Tattoos Part II

All Healed and Settled into place.

Eagle for Danny made some weeks ago, more photos soon!